La Encantada - Mexican Cuisine
dine-in • carry-out • catering • private parties
3437 w. north ave.  |  chicago  | 773.489.5026
Art-Culture-Food-Drinks - The perfect mix around the neighborhood.

La Encantada means enchanted in spanish. It is the name of a beautiful recreational park in Zacatecas, Mexico where we are from.

La Encantada Restaurant started as a dream to the our family. It took several years and the entire family to get the idea together, building it with our hands and, at times, arguing over simple things like the color of the walls. Finally came the idea of a different, casual and out-of-the-ordinary Mexican dining experience. Offering a variety of side dishes in addition to rice and beans and taking recipe inspiration from family,friends and books and making them our own.

We invite you to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxing atmosphere combining together food, drink and art at La Encantada.
La Encantada  |  3437 W. North Ave.  |  Chicago  |  773.489.5026